Andrea Caride, helping you to find a good LIFE BALANCE

Hi, I’m Andrea. After 10 years of a fulfilling career as Legal Counsel, I decided to change tack and devote myself to the personal and professional development of people. It was perhaps one of the most important decisions in my life and, without a question, the result of a long and interesting process of soul-searching, introspection, studying and personal improvement throughout almost all my adult life…

Your personal Coach

As a Personal Coach, my goal is to help others believe in themselves, to be proud and to achieve their dreams.

For many different reasons a lot of people with great ideas, projects and talent get discouraged at some point of their lives. Who hasn’t heard something like:

“You are not good at that”

“You will never make it”

My mission is to boost people’s self-esteem and prove them how much value they have and how many things they can accomplish. How do I do that?

  1. I provide my clients with the tools to acknowledge and empower their own potential, abilities and motivation
  2. I help the to fix and achieve clear goals

Find out more about the way I can help you, I’m sure you will not be disappointed.

Work-life balance

Obligations, Leisure, Work, Family, Health, Partner, Friends… In one way or another, these areas are present in our everyday lives. But how can we balance out the time we devote to each one of them ? How can we find the necessary balance ?

Mental Blocks & Decision-Making

It’s quite common for us to get stuck on a certain subject and not find a solution, however much we turn it over in our mind. These situations can trigger moments of major loneliness, apathy or even self-hatred. When this happens, we are no longer able to find the solution.

Projects & Goals

Projects, challenges and goals are our great source of motivation. In them, we find inspiration, energy and hope. They’re the key to a more or less satisfying life. I can help you make sense of what you do and find the personal satisfaction that makes us feel complete.

Fast Track

FastTrack is a 1h30 online coaching session designed for people looking for a quick, simple and effective vision of their current life. you’ll gain an insight into your life that will help you better understand your current situation, understand possible imbalances and find the right solutions.

Coaching for Couples

My Couples Coaching model sets out to help couples in their everyday lives, offering a space to share thoughts and pinpoint obstacles and challenges, ultimately leading to decision-making processes that suit both sides. Couples Coaching is not a therapy (to solve emotional problems), but a fine-tuning of the relationship (to improve life as a couple), helping overcome the difficulties, challenges and obstacles of everyday life.

Student Development

Youth Coaching

Young people or teenagers are in a stage of life that involves numerous changes. These changes are often the source of major confusion and turmoil. At this stage, young people tend to shut themselves off from the family, causing concern for the parents and feelings of incomprehension for the child.

School Coaching

Many of the difficulties that our children encounter during their studies can stem from such important aspects as insecurity, lack of organisation or inability to adapt to new changes. SCHOOL COACHING is designed to help young people get to know themselves, gain confidence and improve their performance.


  • 64 years old! A lack of self-confidence and a lack of confidence settled in me after very painful ordeals of life. After several coaching sessions with Andrea, I regained a serenity, an inner strength and I regained confidence in myself. Today I decided to lead my life as I do, because I realized that I forgot myself. I advise this approach to anyone who is experiencing an illness or who can no longer assume their lives.

    Elisabeth, 64 y/o
    Lyon, France
  • I started coaching in a period of my career where I needed to step back in order to see the opportunities that were available to me. The sessions with Andrea allowed me to observe my own situation with greater objectivity and to make accordingly appropriate choices for my career. I can only thank her and advise this personal and professional enrichment.

    Frederic, 47 y/o
  • I was coached by Andrea on several occasions for professional problems. During the coaching process, Andréa helped me refocus on what my deep values were. Through coaching, I gained confidence in myself, I was able to analyze the dilemmas I faced and, above all, I was able to systematically make the right decisions in my professional life. Today 1 year after the first session, I have changed jobs, I am even a second job, I develop more and more professional projects, I changed cars and I even found Serenity in my social life. I have surrounded myself with new people who, themselves, also push me to surpass myself even more every day. My life has taken an extraordinary moment!

    Virginie, 28 y/o
    Lyon, France
  • Through this experience with Andrea, I have come to know myself and to free myself from self-imposed limits. What I am most grateful for is that it has given me the necessary clues to find my way and discover that we have everything inside, we simply have to learn to look for it.

    María, 24 y/o
    Vigo, Spain
  • “In my forties, I had reached a stage in my life where I had the impression of being confronted every day with a wall in the personal and professional realm, I could no longer see the issues. I was not at all open to coaching, a friend convinced me and directed me to Mrs. ANDREA CARIDE. Some sessions allowed me to open my eyes to my situation, to better understand things and especially to realize that there were several alternatives to obstacles. Today I fear and approach things differently, I am much more attentive to others, I take a step back and list the solutions that are available to me to find the best compromise. For me it is a new state of mind”

    Christophe, 40 y/o
    Lyon, France