Hi, I’m Andrea


I’m a Coach, Family Counselor and Mediator. After 10 years of a fulfilling career as a Legal Counsel, I decided to change track and devote myself to the personal and professional development of people.


It was perhaps one of the most important decisions in my life and, without a question, the result of a long and interesting process of soul-searching, introspection, studying and personal improvement throughout almost all my adult life.

Thanks to my profession, I have been able to live in different cities around the globe such as Strasbourg, London, Milan, Nice and Kuala Lumpur; learn different languages and overcome the challenges of the expatriation life, which isn’t always easy but is very enriching.

Today, I’m a profesional Coach, Mediator and Family Counselor living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I am the mom of an adorable little girl who is teaching me as much or more than I have learned in all my years of studying and working.

As a professional and a mother, I understand the importance of finding a work-life balance that helps you make headway without any obstacles in the way. Helping people find the necessary balance to improve their everyday life has become one of my priorities.


Certified Coach by the International Coaching Community (UK)

Civil and Commercial Mediator, Affiliated to the Ministry of Justice (Spain)

Collaborative Lawyer, Institut du Droit de la Famille et Patrimoine de Paris (France)

Attorney at Law, Affiliated to Vigo Bar Association (Spain)

Master’s Degree, Family Law, Barcelona University (Spain)

My commitment


Offering my clients a professional service is very important. As coaching is still a little-known discipline, it is important to count on professionals you can trust. I am confident that my training, values ​​and experience will showcase my commitment and professional dedication to my clients.


In keeping with my values ​​and professional ethics, I promise to offer my clients a transparent and high-quality service adapted to their personal circumstances. If coaching isn’t what you need, I will guide you to the service that best suits your situation with total transparency.


The coaching relationship is based on trust. As a coach, it’s my duty to guarantee the privacy of my clients and the confidentiality of the sessions. Client testimonials on the website are personal and voluntary, and will be published only with their prior consent, just like any other client information.

Personal dedication

When I require a service, I like to feel listened to and to know that the person in front of me does understand my problem. That is exactly what I also want for my clients. For this reason each of the coaching processes that I provide is unique. My goal is for my clients to get the greatest benefit  through a personalized coaching programe.

Your benefits

Coaching adapted to you

A coaching project is personal. Each of us has a pace, a way of doing things and different motivations. The same problem is different according to each person and, therefore, should not be treated in the same way. When working me, you will quickly realize that everything (type of coaching, sessions length, number of sessions, etc.) will be adapted to you so you can get the most out of your coaching.

Commitment to progress

The coaching that I offer is a success-driven service. We will work together towards your goal and I will help you to improve, make progress and to achieve results.

Learning Coaching techniques

As a coach, my commitment is to help you and mentor you throughout the coaching process so that you achieve what you initially set out. But above and beyond my work, my goal is for you to learn the tools so that you can continue your progress once you feel ready to do so.

Coaching for Balance

My concept of coaching involves considering the person in all areas of their life: personal, professional, love, family, social, etc.

In one way or another, all these areas are related and if one of them isn’t working well, it ends up causing a domino effect on all the others. With my coaching for balance, you will have the chance to restore or find YOUR own balance. In Coaching for Balance you can find all the services that you may need:

  • Personal Coaching, so that you feel good about yourself.
  • Couples Coaching, a good way to solve problems, improve communication or simply rekindle the spark.
  • School Coaching, helping your children with their school issues
  • Teen Coaching, helping our teen boys and girls throughout that difficult period that is adolescence.
  • Parent-Child Programme, and a Coaching Model specially designed for the Family.

'À la Carte' Sessions

Coaching sessions can be done Face-to-face for those living in Kuala Lumpur.

Online sessions are always available for all my clients, whether you are living in Malaysia or abroad. Most popular sessions are via Skype and WhatsApp, but we can also use FaceTime, Facebook or Microsoft Link.

English, French or Spanish.

We can hold our sessions wherever you are and in any of these languages: English, French and Spanish.