One of the most common obstacles that couples find is the pace of everyday life.

It’s quite common to put off or ignore important issues because we can’t find the right time or simply to avoid awkward conversations that we don’t feel like having. Busy lifestyles and lack of time affect communication, which then tends to deteriorate over time and can quite often become a major source of misunderstanding.

Whatever the problem, we end up turning a blind eye on the issue, but this leads to frustration or malaise. The results are usually mood changes, altered behaviour, contempt and many times our partner doesn’t have an idea about what’s going on!

Basically, the daily routine makes it difficult for couples to find the time to appraise what should be improved and the issues that need solving. But not doing so can have negative consequences in the short and long term.

My Couples Coaching model sets out to help couples in their everyday lives, offering a space to share thoughts and pinpoint obstacles and challenges, ultimately leading to decision-making processes that suit both sides.

Couples Coaching is not a therapy (to solve emotional problems), but a fine-tuning of the relationship (to improve life as a couple), helping overcome the difficulties, challenges and obstacles of everyday life.

Among other things, the coach helps the couple understand and solve issues which may be affecting:

  • Communication
  • Balance in the relationship (the other person, work, family, free time, etc.).
  • General well-being
  • New challenges or changes
  • Stagnation, unwanted routine
  • Stalemate situations or specific issues