Lack of communication? Lack of organisation?
Languishing family relationships?

There are many individual support services and professions, but many of the concerns that we treat on an individual basis are directly related to our family (or partner), and taking them out of context may lead to short-lived and less effective results.

My FAMILY COACHING is a coaching model designed to solve family issues as a whole unit or with some of its members. It helps to identify problems or situations that can or should be improved within the family and to jointly seek the appropriate solutions to please all sides.

As a family coach, I can help you solve issues related to :

  • Communication
  • Family relations
  • Parenting relationships
  • Quality time as a family
  • Family balance
  • Organisation
  • General well-being

“Family Coaching is also an extremely useful tool for resolving tensions within the family and, therefore, avoid difficult-to-solve conflicts.”