Problems with your child?

What shall I do?

What am I doing wrong?

How can I help him/her?

Bad grades, difficult communication, apathy, lack of interest, behavior problems, etc. These are very common concerns for most parents.

We try to find solutions but it is not so easy: we try to discuss directly with our child; we seek advise from friends or family; we try to get our child to accept some help; we consult therapists; we go to teachers or tutors; etc.

Any attempt is good to try to solve the problem but:


What if the problem continues?

If you want to understand and solve problems with your child, this workshop can help you.


The PURPOSE of the Customized Workshop for Parents is to find practical solutions. Mainly:

WHAT to do and HOW to change the situation that concerns you.

Workshop Goals:

  1. Clarify the problem you want to solve with your child
  2. Analyze the context of the problem and set the goal
  3. Identify the options and possible obstacles
  4. Prepare the way forward with specific actions


Practical workshop aimed at finding useful solutions through the use of Coaching Tools adapted to your particular case.

Workshop Duration:

1h 30



More information & Registration: