Who hasn't experienced one of these feelings ? :

  • Stagnation, lack of motivation
  • Need for change or a new challenge
  • Feeling lost
  • Lack of organisation
  • Imbalance (personal, professional)
  • Need to understand: what’s happening? what isn’t working out? what can I do?

These are feelings closely linked to the different stages and changes in our life. They’re very common but we tend to ignore them. We generally think that they’ll gradually disappear over time, but this rarely happens. Sooner or later, failing to answer these questions can be the source of our discomfort, anxiety, stress or frustration.

Our friends and family might not even understand what is happening or they may want to help us but are unable to do so, which is normal as these are very personal feelings and experiences.

When we find ourselves in one of these situations, two responses are important:
  1. Not to ignore what we are feeling
  2. Not to get carried away by the negative influence of not having the solution, because this could discourage us and lead us down a helter-skelter of stress, anxiety, frustration and a feeling of failure.

Having the help of a coach can be very important in overcoming situations like these, which are difficult to leave behind on your own. As a personal coach, I can mentor you during the situation you’re experiencing so that you can move forward and make the changes you need.

How ?:

  • I’ll listen to you and help you see things more clearly;
  • We’ll set the goals you want to achieve;
  • We’ll discover what’s holding you back and we’ll look for solutions;
  • We’ll design a plan of action;
  • We’ll measure progress at each session.

“A Personal Coach to make your daily life easier”

Work-life balance

Obligations, Leisure, Work, Family, Health, Partner, Friends… In one way or another, these areas are present in our everyday lives. But how can we balance out the time we devote to each one of them ? How can we find the necessary balance ?

Mental Blocks & Decision-Making

It’s quite common for us to get stuck on a certain subject and not find a solution, however much we turn it over in our mind. These situations can trigger moments of major loneliness, apathy or even self-hatred. When this happens, we are no longer able to find the solution.

Projects & Goals

Projects, challenges and goals are our great source of motivation. In them, we find inspiration, energy and hope. They’re the key to a more or less satisfying life. I can help you make sense of what you do and find the personal satisfaction that makes us feel complete.

Fast Track

FastTrack is a 1h30 online coaching session designed for people looking for a quick, simple and effective vision of their current life. you’ll gain an insight into your life that will help you better understand your current situation, understand possible imbalances and find the right solutions.