Obligations, Leisure, Work, Family, Health, Partner, Friends… In one way or another, these areas are present in our everyday lives. But:

  • How can we balance out the time we devote to each one of them?
  • How can we find the necessary balance?

Having a good personal BALANCE is very important, and given the pace of life that most of us experience, I’d say that it is primordial. The odd thing is that very rarely do we realise the importance of maintaining a good life balance until we lose it. And even then, we know that something isn’t working, but we keep plodding on with a weight on our shoulder that gets heavier as every day goes by.

In such cases, we have lost our life balance. And it affects everything: we get into bad moods; we feel exhausted; we have hundreds of issues banging about in our head but few effective solutions; we take on more but we achieve less or perform worse…

Restoring balance is very important for ourselves and for those around us. The good news is that it isn’t as difficult as it may seem… and it’s so positive when it happens!

As a personal coach, I am specialised in restoring life balance, which I believe is one of the keys to our success. With my experience, I can help you find what you need, in a personalised and exclusive way, as life balance begins with a very personal fine-tuning.

“Whatever the aspect that has been neglected, we will work together to restore or maintain your own balance, harmony or stability.”


If you have neglected an aspect of your life (Obligations / Leisure / Work / Family / Health / Partner / Friends…), you are probably suffering the consequences, but the important thing is to realise this in order to find the right solution.

Your personal coach will be a great help to start balancing out your life, finding the areas that need attention and looking for a way to make everything work more smoothly.


The problems stemming from the lack of a reasonable balance between personal and professional life are well known by the vast majority of us. Restoring work-life balance is paramount for our well-being and that of our loved ones.

My advice: don’t wait until you can no longer cope; your quality of life is very important now and, especially, in the future… don’t you agree?


A lack of ORGANIZATION, or poor TIME MANAGEMENT, are the source of many of the problems that we come across on a daily basis. A better organization and time management are essential for a good balance and success.

The advice of friends or relatives about how we organize ourselves, or what we read in articles or self-help books, is often interesting, but why isn’t it working for me?

“I have a hard time keeping up. I never finish what I start!”

PERSEVERANCE, or consistency, also helps us achieve our goals, but it’s not easy to keep it going when our goal is in the medium or long term. As personal coach I will mentor you to find a way of being consistent and achieve your goals.