What should I do? Which way should I go?…

Sound familiar? This has happened to almost everyone at some point in our lives. It’s quite common for us to get stuck on a certain subject and not find a solution, however much we turn it over in our mind.

What happens is that these situations can trigger moments of major loneliness, apathy or even self-hatred. When this happens, we are no longer able to find the solution.

“Don’t let mental blocks or self-doubting paralyse and despair you; all you need are the right keys to find the solution. Sometimes, a couple of coaching sessions are enough to find it!”


Certain situations cause us great confusion, while sometimes the simple fact of having several options can paralyse us. Which path to choose? Which decision to take?

A simple change in our life can disorient us and make us feel lost. These cases can trigger major confusion and lead to a vicious circle that we can’t escape from.

Dilemmas are equally treacherous. Two options are presented to us and we must choose one. In theory, it sounds easy, but many of the dilemmas facing us come with a great burden of responsibility, which makes the choice difficult.

It’s important to get out of that state of indecision. Talking with your loved ones may be useful and sometimes helps us to find the solution, but if this doesn’t happen, one of the best resources is the assistance of a coach. The coach will help you see things more clearly and start taking the right decisions.


Who hasn’t said that or something similar at some point?

Well, if we really want something to change, let’s start by asking ourselves a good question:

What am I doing to change this situation?

It seems an obvious question, but it isn’t. Have you ever asked yourself this?

And what possible answers can this question have?:

  1. Nothing, I’m not doing anything
  2. I’m doing something, but I haven’t managed to change much
  3. I know what I have to do and I’m managing to change the situation

If your reply is similar to the third option, then stay on track! You’re heading in the right direction.

If your reply is similar to the first or second options, then something’s going wrong. If you want something to change, you’ll have to get down to work and start by realising what you should do to achieve the change that you want.

If you don’t know what to do to make your situation change, or you’re not sure where or how to start, don’t waste any more time or energy. As a personal coach, I’ll help you out and I’ll be by your side to make that change and in the best possible conditions.